Our Motto is 'Giving a Hand Up'

Our Focus is "Reach One Teach Millions"


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Career Day - to encourage students to explore career opportunities for their future.

College Planning and Guidance - Getting into college is the culmination of hard work in school. It also requires a well-thought-out plan. Set yourself up to succeed by starting early, learning about colleges' expectations and making the most of your contacts.

Young Men & Young Women Rites of Passage - (phase 1&2), Men & Women Summit, Men & Women Leadership

Health Programs  - designed for needs of People of Color


Speakers Bureau – We enlist Motivational Speakers in the Business, Health & Human Services, Judicial, Law Enforcement, Clergy and Finance helping people to Achieve their Goals.


Black History Year-Round - Window Displays at Various Locations and Educational Programs during Black History Month and All Year.


Trips and Outings - Cultural, Educational & Historical - tours include schools, churches, birthplaces, museums, and national historic sites devoted to honoring African Americans, their struggle for equal rights in this country, and their profound contributions to the nation. Plus, we’ve included exciting, popular inspirational and entertainment attractions local and abroad. 


Student, Parent, Community Advocacy - Advocate and Mediate at Principal,  Superintendent, Parent Hearings. Notified Parents of incidents. Community/Parents Meetings - AAECF Members of the Organization are Advocates for the Students who are falsely accused for Gang activity, incidents and whom are arrested. Advocates advises Parents of Child, School and Judicial Rights


Parent Teachers Association (PTA) – To make aware of the needs and inclusion of the Students.


Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs - (Gang Awareness Program) - established with the Police Department’s Juvenile Aid Bureau in conjunction with Probation. Conduct Meetings with the Police Department’s members to establish talks about incidents, police sensitivity, and student input forums to introduce the dangers as well as introducing the Juvenile Aid Bureau Department members to the community.


Employment and College Enrollment –Student and Young Adult employment, College Prep & Enrollment, and Student attendance in school and after-school and community programs. In the past, two members attended college on Football.


Parent Rights to Shadow & Visit - AAECF Partnership with the U.S. Department of Education to require Riverhead Central School District a Title I, Part A School, on October 15, 2003, to allow Parents to “Shadow & Visit” Students in observance of behavioral problems. The school, the district, and parents of the school benefit from the importance of the Parent who gets involved in their child’s education both at home and at school. Parents are now looked at as “Stakeholders”. This was established under the No Child Left Behind Act: Section 1118(d)(1). Monitoring continues in other districts as well as the charter Schools.


Apprentice Summer Programs – AAECF to assist many individuals in employment in a variety of Trades and Careers. All these companies have contingencies for our local students to partake in for the experience and as a career choices.

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