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Celebrating African American Diaspora
& BIPOC Culture 


An African American Festival

An Annual Celebration of African-American Culture expressed through

Art, Education, Entertainment and Community. All Day activities are

planning to focus on entertainment and learning to accept rules.

Activities will be planned throughout the day, to entertain & educate, 

while giving the individual an appreciation of heritage and uniqueness. 

First Festival Peconic Riverfront, Riverhead, NY -

circa 2004

Focus & Goal

 Our Focus: Giving a Hand-up and not a Hand-out by educating, embracing, celebrating and pay tribute to African American & BIPOC culture, education, and history.


The connection between the adolescence’s world today and a competitive society. We are to make aware the objectives that will help the youth to achieve this awareness. By the time they have matured for the higher education, they will have learned the tools to be competitive such as ‘dressing for success’, etiquette practices, and to learn to properly think and respond quickly to questions asked. 


Image of the first festival at Peconic Riverfront, Riverhead N.Y. circa 2004

Founded in 1996, the AAECF was formed by our founders (Marylin Banks Winter, Cynthia Richardson, Patricia Harris, Thelma Booker, Honorable Maryeta Booker, Rev. Justin Winter, Rev. Frances Ligon, Mary Cooper, Carol Bell Dumpson, Jerry Damatob, Mergim Bazdhari, and with the help of Dr. 'Love' Banks who joined at the end of 1996. Our first meeting was held at the the House of Praise Christian Revival Center in Jamesport and was incorporated in 2002. Now,  years later, we continue to build up and support the BIPOC community  in underserved communities throughout Long Island, planting the seed for all to learn and grow! 


We are a nation of diverse individuals that are made up of a variety of qualities, which strengthen the fabric of our nation. This diversity is the source of our strength. We host a variation of educational and cultural opportunities throughout the year, with celebration of the “Harvest” of good works for the year with a “Festival”. This Unique Cultural Festival was one of the first in Suffolk County, New York. This momentous occasion strives to weave together as a foundation for our youth in providing the informative tools to build stronger citizens whom will be able to uplift each other.


Forms of Entertainment

Children's Activities

Are arranged to be age appropriate with the children in mind. They participate in a safe environment for their event and have fun in the recreation while learning. The primary objective is the ‘learn to accept’ rule. This opens up the mind for educational enlightenment coupled together through interaction. They will be age appropriate, to include story telling for the much younger participants, and for the active participatory, non-competitive games, with a link to the African-American heritage or history will allow them to learn the continuum of society and appreciation. There will be storytelling, and non competitive games with a link to African-American heritage and history.

Black History & Genealogy Focus & Goal

This recognition will also bring a community together for the good of the participants, which truly is the seed that needs the opportunity to learn about their Heritage and grow. This is a fun learning exercise.


Educational Exhibits will give an opportunity for Colleges, Armed Forces, Trade Schools, Job Recruiters, etc. to supply informational literature and counseling to those who are interested in pursuing those avenues. Many social service agencies will contribute the assistance they can provide. Service Organizations will also interact with the participants to ensure support and benefits from this event. Hospital, Police, EMT, and Fire Departments can also exhibit and explain their duties and services for and in the community.

Art Exhibits will provide an opportunity for children and adults to display their talent through artistic representation in a wide variety of artistic expression. Recognition will be given to those outstanding works by age division.


Professional Keynote Speakers

Speakers will be carefully picked to promote the awareness of a particular trade and or profession, and to speak about how that career can be achieved through education and persistence. The Speakers will also educate in the fields of history; literature; philosophy; comparative religion; ethics; the history, theory, and critical analysis and emphasis of the arts; jurisprudence; linguistics; modern and classical languages; archaeology; social science, and the aspects of Science including; physics, chemistry, medical, mathematics, environmental restoration, biology, and technology.

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