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The Benefits of a Cultural Center & Museum 

African Americans account for about 14%  and 1.7% identify as Native American or Alaska Native of the entire American population, according to the Pew Research Center reports. With 36.2 million people with Black cultural heritage, and s
ome 5.2 million people with Native American cultural heritage, how many for identify as Afro-Indigenous? It should follow that many people would want to learn about the African diaspora customs and African & Indigenous traditions. Within 151 U.S. counties, Hispanic, black or indigenous people are the majority race or ethnicity, however, the history of these groups is not properly taught. That is the primary purpose of a cultural center:  Our efforts are to develop a cultural center and museum  to teach the community about our Afro-Indigenous culture and any culture under the African diaspora through the use of events, festivals, exhibitions and workshops. It will serve as a major resource on the history and culture of African American and Native Americans in the northeast, and those who migrated to the North Fork during the 'Great Migration'.  

The Community
This center will be a great way to understand others within our community. Knowledge is absolutely power, and it will bring community members together in a fun and constructive environment, the way the AAECF, Inc Organization can bring, which not many others can do. This center will provide a unique experience, and a way to step into our Cultural World !  The nation’s Black population includes those who say their race is Black, either alone or along with other racial backgrounds that includes Hispanics or Latinos, Indigenous, West Indian and Asian who say their race is Black. We Embrace Them All! 

Help Us Reach Our Goal to Support Our Programs!

Anytime is good to Give! Many businesses and individuals are faced with the question of how to best support the AAECF, Inc charity, while also offsetting their tax burden. As donating cash or through your credit card is great, also think about donating say stocks & bonds, or bequest from a Will or Living Trust (Legacy Gift) or even a building.

Assets are great tax-efficient ways to support the AAECF, Inc. When assets are donated directly to our nonprofit, donors not only receive a larger deduction, but the nonprofit also receives a larger donation.

        Thank you!
We are on our Way! 

AAECF Programs: 

1. Young Men Transitional & Mentoring

2. Young Women Transitional & Mentoring

3. Black Wall Street - Financial Literacy

4. Juneteenth Festival (Virtual & In-person)

6. The African American Educational and Cultural Festival  - Concert In The Park Series

7. Hospitality 

8. Blessings in a Box

9. Operation Breakthrough

10. Social Justice - Next Steps Leadership Training

11. Black History Event & Reception

12. Arts & Educational Exhibits

13. Speakers Bureau

14. Kwanzaa Festival (Virtual & In-person)

15. Digital Advertising Campaign

16. Fundraising and Beyond

17. Health & Wellness Initiatives & Programming

18. RESPECT - Gun & Gang Prevention & Intervention

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