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Operation Breakthrough

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MISSION: The Mission of Operation Breakthrough is to provide Referrals for Internship, Employment Placement, Educational Opportunities, Health & Wellness and Advocacy for Men and Women recently released from jail. 

Operation Breakthrough: a program for ex-offenders in Long Island to make a better life for themselves through seeking out mental health programs provided by the AAECF organization

PURPOSE:  Nearly all prisoners are eventually released back into society. Whether they re-enter society successfully— as a contributing member—or unsuccessfully is a matter of public safety. Unfortunately, most ex prisoners are unable to make a successful transition and they eventually return to prison. Offenders face many obstacles when they leave prison. Some of these they may have confronted before prison, such as unemployment, substance abuse, low self-esteem, anti-social relationships, and so forth. But other obstacles result from the prison experience itself. Prisoners have little control over daily life, which means that they can be overwhelmed by the choices facing them after prison and unprepared to make good decisions. Further, prison removes them from the support networks they  once had, support that might help them to make a successful transition into society. Usually prisons do little to prepare prisoners to address the immediate and practical needs they will face on release. Becoming contributing members of society takes intentionality, time and effort. Prisoners will need to deal appropriately with the past and build a constructive future.

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