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Welcome New Members!

Notes From Our Past Meeting

Our members had a wonderful time at Bagel Lovers in RIverhead N.Y.! We welcomed some new members and went over our mission and history of the AAECF organization.

Welcome to Our Newest Board Members!

Jesse Warren
Jeffrey Pegram New Member

Wall of Honor

Black Yellow Simple Congratulations Card.JPEG
Black Yellow Simple Congratulations Card (1).JPEG


What Does a Member Receive?

- An Annual or Lifetime membership card. 
- Participation in monthly meetings 
- Receipt of a monthly email updating members on activities, events and issues.
- Birthday recognition 
- Participation in special members only events
- Premium seating at all events (tiered reserved seating)

The Basics: Signals board member commitment, at the same time giving board members a sense of investment and shareholder stake in the organization. 

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