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AAECF Inc. a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization is hosting our AAECF Annual Holiday 'Building Fundraiser & Awards' Gala at our Venue Sponsor’s beautiful establishment, Stonewalls Restaurant and The Woods Golf Course, 967 Reeves Avenue, Riverhead, NY, on Saturday, December 17, 2022 at 7:00pm. This event will help us establish a 'Cultural Center & Museum' building location to coordinate the many programs, services, and cultural Exhibits we offer to the communities on Long Island and abroad! All proceeds will directly benefit our building fund to create a diverse location within the Riverhead vicinity of Long Island, New York. During the Event, we will honor those Powerful Individuals and Power Couples who ensure Long Island is a a safe and vibrant place to work, live, visit and do business. These Honorees and Presenters are 'movers and shakers' in their respective Industries and we are delighted they have accepted to support our organization. Come and Dance the Night Away with Live Performances by Recording Artist 'AUNEL' and the NLT Band (an abbreviation of Never Loose Touch), with Special Guest, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Long Island's very own 'Ted Turpin'!

                        *****Limited Seats Available as every seat is VIP! *****Sponsorship Opportunities Available

What viewers are saying about our Virtual Festival

Juneteenth 2022 Part-1

"That was certainly some unadulterated Awesomeness in its full breath and scope. Thank you for sharing it! "
Risco Mention-Lewis

Juneteenth 2022 Part-2

The AAECF, Inc. embraces the
African Diaspora.


Our culture is blended by many cultures that are woven into a beautiful Tapestry that is the African-American culture. ‘The distinct identity of the African-American Culture is rooted in the historical experiences of the

African-American people in the United States, including the Middle Passage. 

The African-American culture is both distinct and enormously influential on American and global world-wide culture as a whole.


Our Motto is 'Giving a Hand Up'

Our Focus is "Reach One Teach Millions"

Exhibiting during
Black History Month

Turn on Sound & Enjoy 

The AAECF, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501c3 organization

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Paintings by Artist - Baron Sarre'

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